East Africa Dairy Development Project

About us

The dairy sector has considerable room for development.

Our aim is to open a dairy farm in a rural area in Kenya Highlands to improve the quality and quantity of milk production and plan training sessions to help the local farmers to improve the health and yields of their cows, as well as guidance to improve their feed.

With your help, we want to support a campaign to promote the health benefits of milk in an area of high malnutrition. Along with providing vital nutrients for children in schools, it helps build a sustainable market for farmers going forward, contributing to our goal of closing the living income gap.

Milk pasteurization process

Expected impact

  • An increase in farmers’ incomes

  • The creation of jobs and stimulation of the dairy sector

  • An improvement in food security thanks in particular to higher quality products

  • More eco-friendly production and collection systems


The time for action is now. 
It's never too late to do something!

Dairy is a building block of life